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Black African Soap

Black African Soap

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100% Natural Raw Black soap is a natural handmade remedy which has been used in Africa in treating skin problems for centuries.

Despite it's strength, African soap is safe and gentle enough to use on all skin types and can be used on face, hands, body, and even hair by all ages.

Materials: Plantain Skin Ashes, Organic Palm, Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pods, Organic Shea Butter, Purified Water, Natural Vitamin E & A.

                           Black Soap Benefits

 1. It's antibacterial

 2. It helps soothe irritation

3. It's anti-inflammatory

4. It fights acne

5. It reduces fine-lines & wrinkles

6. It protects against photoaging

7. Its exfoliates & improves the skin texture

8. Helps to prevent & removes razor burns & relates           rashes.

9. Helps to reduce hyperpigmentation 

10. It's anti-fungal

11. Removes bacteria

12. It helps in deep ckeaning your skin

13. Helps to fight skin


14. Protects against oxidation stress



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